Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya : Good Luck To All!

My first major race of the year will happen this weekend. The Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya will take place on Sunday, April 13 from 6am onwards. This race is part of my Ironman Langkawi preparation race. I've been training for the past 25 weeks since I registered for the race and it is time to see where the training need tuning and/or myself requires more intensity to catch up for a strong finish in September 2014.
25 Weeks
Checklist of Items
A fellow IM hopeful asked me if I've written anything on what to bring or not to bring for the race. I thought it would be a good idea for me to share what I will bring and you all may work around this to suit yourself. Bear in mind I am a minimalist kind of person when it comes to races. More things meant more confusion meant chances of missing the more important things will happen. 
From start to finish
- Garmin 910XT. 
- The stick on tattoo for number will also be on the right arm (compulsory)
- Timing chip on my left ankle (compulsory)
- Race wrist band that qualify you as a competitor (compulsory)
- Goggles (AquaSphere Kaiman)
- Swim cap (compulsory)
- Ear Plug
- Helmet with race number infront (compulsory)
- Sunglasses (Team Sypder)
- Cleat shoes (Giro Mele)
- Race number (compulsory)
- Race belt for race number
- Spare tires (tubular in my case)
- repair kit including CO2 canisters (will bring two) and the CO2 discharge head
- Cap
- Sunglasses (Team Spyder, from biking, unless you want to change style)
- Race number (compulsory)
- Race belt for race number
- Running shoes (Skechers GoRun3), unless you going barefoot
- socks for bike and run
- sunscreen/block. I go without as the feeling it blocks the pores and also runs into my eyes.
- Gloves if you need it
This is personal preferences but the most important things to remember is not to overeat/overcompensate. Ensure adequate electrolytes and hydrate no less than 600ml/hour and adjust it from there. The danger of overhydration is real and the perceived feeling of going above is real. Drink at least 600ml and at most 750ml (for me). 
For the race, I will be going full Hammer Nutrition products. I will be using the Hammer Perpetuem Solid as the main base of fuel (1 solid/45mins), Hammer HEED sports drink mixed with water at 600ml/hour, Hammer Endurolytes 2 tabs/hour and Anti-fatigue 1 tab/hour. Always allocate extras in case you need more. Portion them out and plan what you will eat. Label the containers and go through the items a few times to ensure you will not miss anything.
1500 participants that will take part. No over-inflation of participants numbers and each men and women accounted for. Road will be closed and Putrajaya will come alive with these triathletes that has been training for the past months to finish the 70.3 mile race. 
If you have been training, it is time to reap the effort you put in during training. If you felt you are not ready, you are not alone. Even for seasoned pro, butterflies in the stomach is normal for race of this magnitude, more so when the Ironman brand and reputation is involved. Most importantly, race safe and if you see anyone in distress, stop and help. Racing is just ONE part of the equation.
Download the race guide below. If you are racing, this is your reading material. Read it. Understand it. Digest it. This was taken from Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya website:

2014 Athlete Information Guide

The 2014 Athlete Information Guide is now available for download. In this you will find all the nuts and bolts needed to cruise through race weekend.

*Please note this is the only form of a written race briefing available.


  1. Hope to see you there :) I'll be wearing a skirt just to emphasise the fact that I'm not a triathlete ;) Best of luck. I'm sure all your training will pay off.

    1. Thank you. I hope it will all be paid off too! :D