Monday, April 06, 2015

Do It Like A Man : Packing For Business Travel

A nifty trick I have picked after doing some research and improvising on a few items. Biggest challenge is to keep those work shirts, usually long sleeves and the pants, creases free and ready to be used without any re-ironing or minimal ironing. Many would had roll up these clothing to save space. Some even places papers or big paper napkins with the thinking the softer material will prevent creases. So how do I suggest we do it?
Here is how - Bundling in layers
The biggest possibilities of creases is because clothes were pressed without buffer. What if we bundle them up? I first layout a sarong (you see why at the end).  Start by placing the easiest to crease as the first layer; my pants. I place them opposite each other.
Lay the pants out first
Then I start to place the shirts in alternate manner with the collar in the middle of the bundling. Ensure all buttons are secured to minimise creases. As you can see, I am allowed to be smart casual in this meeting and what better way with chequered and stripes long sleeves (plus its -1 degC to 4degC in Toronto).
then the shirts
Once you laid out all the shirts, take your underwear, socks, t-shirts, other clothings and place them neatly in the middle. The shape of this arrangement determine the shape of your bundle. As my travelling case is a 75cm hardcase, I sort of lay this out to be same width as my case.
The important middle bundle
Once done, you start to fold in the sleeves and then the bottom. Do this with conscious effort to ensure smoothing out the fabrics. Continue to do this until it is all completed.
fold in, start with sleeves

then wrap it up from the bottom. Repeat.
Almost done.
For the pants, its as simple as folding it in to the bundle. If you have to bring a coat/blazer, the coat/blazer will be the first item instead of the pants.
Fold in Pants
Once completed and happy with the shape, tuck in the sarong (or what my daughter call "like envelope") and you have completed the bundle.
Place it into your case and fill up the empty spaces with shoes or other packings. I like to compartmentalise my packing and for this, I packed the shoes and other items such as my chargers (or things not going to be with me in the flight, not expensive items of course) into a backpack - which can be used at destination, or as an extra carry on (due to shopping???)
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Upon arrival, remove the bundle and hang them up. If some minor crease appear, don't worry unless it bothers you badly. If the creases were bad, maybe consider ironing it out - or leave it in the bathroom and let the hot shower steam smoothen it up. 
After 24hours
A more extreme measure for lazy traveler is to place the pants under your sleeping mattress, and let the weight press the creases off. A bit tricky if you get the folds or line wrongly and you end up with a worse crease. Good luck!
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With the clothes hanged, I can now go and sleep and hope the jet lag won't come visiting.
Just some minor ironing required before I wear them

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