Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm Back (actually, never left)

Hi everyone. I've been suffering from the worse possible writer's block and apart from doing the "Cut and Paste" announcement of a few advertorial (that kept me smelling good physically) and the few races that was highlighted of interest (and you will realised I never did bothered to post the change or update SCKLM reverting back to October 4, 2015. Why? Because the postponement SHOULD not had even happen in the first place short major disaster or bad haze).

First FR225 in Malaysia. July 3. Anson Chong
My last product review was for Jabra Rox Wireless and I have at least 3-4 more in draft including a long-term review of the Garmin 920XT. Interestingly, Garmin has brought in many new models since the 920XT. I may unlikely to obtain them and to share the write up. Only through the Garmin Running Clinic, myself and my teammates has been able to see it first hand how they look. Lucky participants were able to see and try for themselves how these function before committing to an unit. The most recent would be the ForeRunner 225 which has built in heartrate reading function via opto-LED. 
I tried it and I can tell you it's faster than the Samsung GearFit I've reviewed and do not require a proprietary apps to run. Here hoping Garmin Malaysia will read this and send me an unit! Yes, I am not shy "like that"!
Moving along, I've not raced for the longest time. The much awaited Ironman Putrajaya 70.3 were a "Did Not Start" or DNS for me due to work commitment. As it turned out, I have to be in Toronto the day after the race. With the total travelling time of 22hours, that was near impossible. However, I tried making the best out of the opportunity to travel (for work) - so I quell the frustration with almost a daily run through Toronto.
-4 deg C with 35-40km/h wind. Even the Toronto folks think it's insane to run in that weather.
That was of course, 2-weeks after my trip to Amsterdam where I would had used it to taper for my 70.3 if I had the opportunity to race. And I was also part of the Garmin Run Clinic in the morning the day I left for Amsterdam.
Amssterdam at equally cold -2 Deg C which was my first time runing at sub-zero temperature. Fun? Of course!
My current job is demanding in terms of travel and responsibilities. Beneath those chances of running in places I only dream of visiting (or on Google Map), it is actually mentally tiring and physically challenging. This is above the regional travel I am doing to countries like China, India, Oman, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Pakistan and of course, Malaysia. 
And that explained the lack of updates in this blog. 
Just over the weekend, I've been part of two separate running clinic. I've been trying to get myself involved beyond the "blog" and with some real human interaction. Been working well so far and I've proven not to be a social in-ept person ;-)
Garmin Running Clinic July 25, 2015
With the VI Boys from Batch 88
Do I miss racing? Yes very much. Do I miss writing? Most definitely. For those of you new to this blog, do a search using "tristupe" in the search for possible older entries on running, triathlon, race report, healthy eating, tips on food and just about anything incoherent. Make use of the Tag at each of the entries to find similar write up. I will start writing more and will revive or update older post to make it relevant. Most of the sharing that I was told, "useful for runners" were completed in 2011 to 2013 period. That was when i was at the "all out mission" to reset my living habit and start to live healthier. It has not change since and that change has been sustainable and is now a lifestyle. 
Iromman Langkawi 2014
I will be missing Ironman Malaysia 2015 due to work travel. It is very disheartening, more so when I am looking forward to the race. I've gotten my 25% refund as I waited until the very last confirmation that I have no choice but to be in London during the Ironman week. As a consolation, I will be able to run the October 4th SCKLM - and hopefully I will not be in Pakistan that week or the week before. So while the madness of regional and continental travels happen, it is "business as usual" on the road, trainer and swimming pool. It is a lifestyle I embrace - and a lifestyle that will stick for life. I will start sharing the challenges of having to train while travelling - the food and the dealing with time differences. This is perhaps, a direction that will be more relevant as we move towards a different level in career and amateur racing.
Feb 2015 to July 2015 Mileage. Consistently Inconsistent
Stay with me a while longer, I am back.

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