Thursday, August 20, 2015

MfMC Charity Ride - King of Mountain Challenge 2015

MfMC Ride Series is back. Holding on the tagline "A Ride With A Hope That No More Children Will Go Missing", MfMC Charity Ride - King of Mountain Challenge 2015 (MCR-KOM 2015), jointly organised by MfMC and MCCF, will take place from 31 Oct to 1 Nov 2015 starting from Selayang to Raub on the first day via Ulu Yam-Kuala Kubu-Fraser's Hill-Tranum. On the second day, cyclists will ride from Raub to Tanah Rata via Sg. Koyan-Ringlet. In line with the tagline, MCR-KOM 2015 is using the format of CHARITY FIRST, KOM SECOND. As part of the charity, cyclists will help to promote the issue of children's safety to the society during the ride while for KOM, cyclists stand a chance to win total cash prizes worth RM2600.

We therefore, would like to invite all cycling enthusiasts to join us and be part of the MCR-KOM 2015. 

This would be our contribution to the society for the better future of our children.

  1. This is a 2 days ride which will take place on 31st Oct 2015 and 1st Nov 2015. On Day-1, cyclists will ride from Selayang to Raub via Fraser's Hill. Cyclists will put up a night in Raub. On Day-2, cyclists will begin their ride in Raub and end in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. 
  2. Except at each KOM stage, cyclists will ride in (if possible) one big peloton at a controlled pace set by our Marshall car.
  3. Throughout the ride, cyclists will be making few mandatory stops at certain checkpoints which will be pre-determined by the organiser,
  4. At each checkpoint, organiser will provide water station. Apart from refilling their water bottles, cyclists will have to participate in charity activities such as to distribute pamphlets and stickers on children's safety to the local community, provide brief explanation on the ride focussing on children's safety to the local community, etc.
    • Organiser will put up signages at approximately 5km and 1km before the start of each KOM. Upon reaching the starting line of each KOM, Marshall car will let the cyclists to ride on their own pace.
    • Starting and finishing line of each KOM stage will be clearly marked on the road. Organiser will put up signages at approximately 1km and 500m before the finishing line of each KOM stage.
    • First 10 cyclists to cross the finishing line of each KOM stage will be given KOM points of 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6 and 5 respectively. KOM points earned at each KOM stage will be carried forward and accumulated to the next KOM stage.
    • Cyclist who accumulate the highest KOM points will emerge as the overall winner followed by the second to the tenth highest KOM points.
    • There will be at least 4 KOM stages throughout the ride.
    • Upon reaching the finishing line of each KOM stage, cyclists will be regrouped and continue to ride to the next checkpoint in a controlled pace led by Marshall car.
  1. Fee is RM120 per participant which is non-transferable. No cancellation is allowed.
  2. Participants have to deposit the fee to the organiser's designated bank account within 7 calendar days from the day of the online registration. For clarity, if a participant submitted his/her online registration on the 1st Aug 2015, the due date for him/her to make the payment is on 7th Aug 2015.
  3. Participants who fail to make payment within the stipulated time frame will risk losing their entry.
  4. Upon making the payment, participants MUST email proof of their banking transaction to the organiser at
For more info and registration, please click on the following link:

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