Friday, September 30, 2016

Boss vs Leader - Which Are You?

My domain will be renewed for the 5th year in a row. I've been blogging since 2004 when I look back. Superb journey and loads of sharing. The peak of it was in 2012-2013 where a lot of tips were shared. I dare to say that those writings and sharing pretty much shaped how many others (especially you readers) approach your lifestyle changes and training. I thank you for the support. I felt I've left this part of me far too long and neglected. I was making the decision to either continue, or just stop writing altogether - I guess I will give it another try.
Places I Never Been Before - Checked
A major realignment happened where I have a late (as in age) career change and a major step upwards in terms of roles and responsibilities (very blessed). It's daunting when you are too old to be a junior and too young to be a senior in a company. The old adage about experiences equals to age still holds true for some industry. For the past 21 months, I have:

  • Travelled 31 times, with a handful until end of this year;
  • Each time between 2 nights and 2-weeks;
  • 90 days last year and this year to date - 90 days; and
  • 230,000 miles with points across major airlines and alliances.
3rd Tallest Free Standing Structure In The World - Checked

Naturally, my passion for triathlon races, or races in general has taken a back seat. While it's easy to justify these races as "not able to pay the bill because Stupe, you are too slow even for Top 10", the more challenging reason is due to time differences (read: Jet Lag, major ones) and most major races requires you to be present at least 2-days before the event (Ironman or Xterra, as an example); and this is also true for marathon/run races where the race kit collection typically happens up till a day before the race. I've lost contributed a lot of entry fees to many race organisers in 2015, and has grown wiser since.

Image from ZoneOfSuccess.Com
For today, I recently had a conversation with a friend. The dilemma was on how to be more of a Boss. It was almost unheard of - as the dilemma of the older days were always about being less of a boss, and be a leader. And by being a leader, it usually being "with the team".

I could relate to that personally as I was a "Boss" before. Being the eldest in the family that almost came naturally. I failed as a "Boss" previously as i realised when dealing with the Gen Y and the Millennium, you have to change your way. At that point of conversation with that friend, it was still a tough differentiation. 
As an example, my colleagues that reports to me refer me as "Boss" as I am (in my company term), their Line Manager (aka Supervisor). So technically, I am someone of certain authority to be Boss.

There are more than sufficient write up about this dilemma both on printed media and on internet - almost debated to death as most Boss think they are leader and unfortunately many leader do not always see themselves as Boss. I begin to reflect on it myself, and what has changed since taking the role as "Boss" to my colleagues. 

Perhaps to overthink a bit more, the most obvious change was how I used to dress up to work - it was all slacks, tailored shirts, cuffs and leather shoes. Now, it's Dockers, short sleeves, with a messenger bag or even my fluorescent yellow Camelbak Kudu, and an Ironman tag holder to remind me of "better days". Not helping that I take trains and ride a motorbike to commute to work. Granted I do get driven when I travel outside of the country, so I am a Boss to a certain extend.
I have a conversation with my wife asking if my reflection was correct. She can't speak for my friend, but she say maybe for me specifically, I may be overthinking and over reacting to my self reflection. In a very big way, she saw the changes in me - from being a Boss to be a Leader. No easy task if you knows the dynamic of my current position, or how I came into this position. Imagine the client you used to report to today, reports to you tomorrow. 
Yes? Image from Pinterest
So what is your advice to my friend, and to me? How to be more Boss, but still have the "Leader" traits? Not an easy balance, and definitely not worth to overthink it unless I have serious attitude of being a pain in you know where Boss - which I can almost certainly confirm I am not through feedback from both my staffs and my boss, and his boss, and his boss' boss. 
Or you can always take the road less taken to be a Leader Boss
Back to this blog, in the coming weeks or months, there will be significantly more updates from me. There are older articles that need revamping and updating. I will start finishing up reviews I've started and still in drafts, perhaps share a few things regarding the travels I've done. Revamp. Change. Come back fresher, and hopefully with a few race reports in between. 




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  2. I started dabbling in running and triathlon during 2012-2013. You've played a role in encouraging me along. Really appreciated your blog posts. Looking forward to reading more from you, Boss!

  3. I started dabbling in running and triathlon during 2012-2013. You've played a role in encouraging me along. Really appreciated your blog posts. Looking forward to reading more from you, Boss!

  4. I guess it just comes with experience. Its a difficult balance, but over time you will be able to do it.
    Congrats on 5 years - looking forward to read more "tips and tricks".

    1. A lot of sharing were done, much of it still holds true. Experiences never get old and learning always continue.