Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Training Log and Happy New Year!

My 2018 Training Log. 340 Activities covering 7606.20km, taking up 292H:59M:28S. I burnt 159,737kcal (that's 697.54 Big Mac if you want to compare). I say 2018 training has been pretty alright. Thank you to Garmin Malaysia, 2ndSkin Asia, Lifeline-ID, Hammer Nutrition Malaysia for the support all these years.

Notably, I have not been racing since Feb 2015 and it has been a cat and mouse game when it comes to finding time to race (on weekend) - as those precious weekend/time off was spent with the family.

Do I miss racing? I will be lying if I say i did not. So, what i been doing the past 3-years (coming 4), was to continue to train even when I was travelling (and for the record, I have clocked in close to 420k km over the past 4-years, with 89 business trips, been away cumulatively about 15 months worth of nights).

Here wishing the better 2019 to all of you! Happy New Year and stay healthy

(Watch this space for come back races).

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