Monday, September 04, 2023

Garmin Battery Drain Solution : Fenix7 Epix and Marq


As of today September 7, 2023, the fix has been rolled out for 14.36. Update it to sort your battery issues. If you aren't able to do it (if you are on 13.22 or 14.31), wait for a day or two, or link it on your Garmin Express for a sync. I did mine Over The Air 

13.22 to 14.36

A recent update from Garmin to firmware 14.31 has caused a lot of issue for many users of Fenix 7 series, Marq Gen 2 and Epix Gen 2 users. Some users (friends) reported battery drain between one day (F7s) to 3 days (F7X). The solution from Garmin were "Wait as we sort this out" to paraphrase to say the least

As a user (and owner) of Fenix7, this is hardly a solution if you really need your devices for your training or fitness tracking. So, the only way to fix this is actually a rollback to the last working firmware. And the process is pretty straightforward and easy - as long as you can locate the right firmware which is the main challenge.

If you have recently upgraded to 14.31 (whether you force update or has the update pushed to you), here is how you can fix it until the next solution/firmware is available.

Be aware that this solution is at your own risk, and I shall not be held accountable if you brick your device. I had a few friends tried them out and it help them sort out the current issue. So, if you feel confident and comfortable, here is how.

1. Download the firmware here if your unit is Fenix7 series, Marq Gen 2 (scroll to the bottom for the 13.22. This is from the Beta Forum that rolled out the 14.31/34 2 months ago). If you are on Epix Gen 2, the firmware is here

2. You may want to backup your Garmin data in the My PC->Fenix 7XXX->Internal Storage - > Garmin. Backing up allow you to quickly reinstate your profiles so you do not need to set the device back as new. How to Back Up

3. Download the file you need based on the model you need

4. Unzip them. There will be three files in there. The ReadMe file sort of tell you what to do. 

5. Plug your device using cable to your laptop or PC.

6. Open the device root folder at "This PC"

7. Open Device Model - > Internal Storage - > Garmin

8. Copy and paste the two files (the force.temp and gupdate.gsp) into the Garmin folder.

9. Unplug and the device will restart

10. Let the unit restart, It be fresh install. All your data is loss and you need to set it up as new again.

11. Try to sync with your Garmin Connect (GC) and Garmin IQ to see if all settings can be returned

12. If can't link on BT, I suggest to unpair and pair again on both GC and Bluetooth

13. Assuming 11 is ok, and your setting is back, check your 3rd Party app (like Stryd or any other 3rd party data page you use), and do what is needed to get back to where you want

14. Good luck.

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