Thursday, August 26, 2004

Merdeka 2004


Merdeka Day is near.

Patriotism running high.

Cars and motorbikes sports either the minature
Jalur Gemilang or some drap the whole flag over the car.

Building was seen putting up flags.

But i tell you, this particular building in PJ was an eye sore.

Either the building owner(Pic Above) asked some bangla/indon/vietnamese/mat salleh to put up the flags, or this building owner simply do not respect the Flag.

Sadly, i couldn't find any info as to how to *Raise Our Flag*. I have to revert to the US of A, and this is how and what they do to raise their flags.Flag Etiquette

Oh ya, this building owner has also incorporated some bird chirping..not sure what is his point really...maybe this significate that our country has gone with the birds...with the chirping and the flags in the wrong directions, maybe?

What's more ironic is this building is RIGHT infront of the MPPJ building. I guess the "tidak apa" attitude rules again...the so called enforcement officers could had rectified this eyesore in 30 minutes!!!

oh sorry, they are too busy writing summons for vehicles being parked illegally (Luxury cars are exempted as they pay higher road tax, hence, they have monthly passes of parking ANYWHERE!)

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