Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Full Dress Rehearsal - PIC 04

The guys had a full dress rehearsal yesterday. We tried to mimic the whole condition as close as possible to the actual race day event.

Here is what took place:

9.30am - Swimmers gathered at KL Swimming Pool in Bandar Tun Razak for the swimming section. Some miscommunication happened and one of the swimmer went swimming in USJ. Nevertheless, everyone swam and made it a point to finish at least 30 laps to emulate the 1.5km swim. Crowd presences in the public pool helped, as during the race, no competitor will make way for you, just because you can swim a lil bit faster. The swimmer finished the 30 laps in less than an hour and left the pool area by 11am to meet the Mtbers in Putrajaya by 12pm.

10.30am - MTBers met at Putrajaya and do the full 16km round around the wetland vicinity. This 16km is definately 100% more than the race 7km requirement, but since most cyclist are super fit human, 16km to them was more like some warm up exercise. Bandit didn't get lost in putrajaya today.

11.30am - by now, the MTBers has already finished their laps and swimmers had also arrived at the wetland area. After a brief rest, 11 of us went for a run around the wetland smaller loop. It should be almost a 7km run, incl the uphill scrambling route. Teammates paced each other and the afternoon heat was more than bearable as Bandit and Stupe was seen taking off their tops to reveal 80kgs(total) of flesh and fats bouncing around...well, it wasn't a pretty sight, but who cares since anyone could ride/walk/run naked in Putrajaya Wetland. (Some of us are seriously thinking of applying to work at the park as Park Ranger, since we know the park better than the Putrajaya Ppl!!!)

12.30pm - We finished the run and sweaty bodies abound, we move to Precint 8 to do the kayaking.

1.00pm - 5 double kayak and 1 single kayak was moved from the storage area to the lake area. Flanking us on the right is Masjid Putrajaya and Sultan of Selangor's palace and on our left was The Jambatan Perdana and Pak Lah's home. Infront of us was JPM. We are not allowed to kayak into JPM, as we were told they rear some vicious great whites in there to deter intruders.

Pairing up with each other's teammate, we kayaked for the whole 1 hour. Our usual training ground for kayak, we are pretty familiar with the whole area surrounding the lake and we paddled to Pak Lah's home and to the Sultan's Palace. A journey worthy of the 1 hour paddling, with distance covered of at least 5 km.

Afternoon heat was more than some of us could handle, and if we thought that this is hot, wait until when we are at the island, and the wind and sun will be stronger than what we are experiencing in Putrajaya Wetland and lake.

We went to have lunch in Dataran Putra and we are currently trying to persuade Dr. Amir to join us for the race, as we are desperate for ONE more racer to make up the space left by one lady that was supposed to follow us for the race.

Everyone went back happy. Happy to be able to complete the whole course in about 3.5 hours, very much before the cut off time for the actual race.

Attendance (in no particular order)

Bandit + Mat Gan (OP)
Bean/Lebet + Blanka (OP)
Upak + Chipok (OP)
Alle + Stupe (OP)
Bacin + Asry (OP's biking friend)
Amir (OP - Possible contestant)

Mrs Upak @ Cik Nurashikin - Cheerleader.

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