Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hospital badly hit by faulty air-conds

Recieved an SMS early this morning from a particular doctor asking me to check out the front page of The Star.

As usual, since this Doctor is moi's senior and moi's partner in two races, i decided to check the paper, before he ask me to take 10 like he did last Sunday, for finishing the swimming late.

Hmm...Hospital running without air cond and only the ICU has one operating aircond. I can only imagine those doctors, nurses and patients sweating profusely in the corridor of the hospital.

Being the second busiest hospital (Emergency Ward) in the country, imagine the smell of the sweat, coupled with shriek of horror and blood stains whereever a victim is being brought in. As if it is not enough that the hospital is like some *taboo* place for certain race, now, add to the woe of the non existence air flow (ie air conditioning la...)...hmm...i could see at teh abck of my head, pictures of doctors using more gauge to have their sweat wipe off by the nurses while at the operating table(OT).

Now, the medical fraternities was riddled with a few items the last two days. One of them was that the medicine that was bought was very expensive because there is only that many suppliers. Rising medication/health care expenditure won't augur well for the economics isn't it?

The, Pak lah urges every youth to be active in at least 2 sports (hey you OPs, at least we are playing more than 2 actively, we should be used as examples..what say you all?)

With the recent budget just tabled in the Parliment on Friday, ciggie now cost RM6.50/pack, all time high and beers/stouts will now cost RM1.00 extra per pint or RM2.00 per big bottle. Ah...it all now fall into place, isn't it?

We are talking about health here.

We are talking about having a quality life.

Then again, i've read in some bulletin sent by this particular ayurvedic company that highlighted that a few particular lifestyle diseases are racist. Well, racist in the sense that it is prevalent in only one particular race/disease.

Chinese woman are known to be prone to oesteporosis. This got to do with the fact that chinese/asian woman who are fairer, has less melonin in their skin to produce the much needed Vitamin D, that help absorb calcium into their bones.

Indians are known to be prime candidate of heart diseases. Banana leaves rice (remember how it looked like? with rice pilled up mountain high?), being a high glycemic value item(ie Rice) are the main culprit. it doesn't help that most indian food are usually prepared beyond recognition(ie deep fried etc etc) and the so called vegetarian diet has limited them to sources of protien (some are octo-vegetarian, meaning even no dairy products).

So..now, back to the hospital story...isn't it counter productive that despite what the government preach and despite what good health book said about being healthy and all, and here we got, a hospital that dosn't even have a proper air conditioning!!!

Oh ya, did i tell you my that doctor friend was operating without any form of air conditioning in the OT? well, at least he sweat it all out there..LOL...

Lets not even get into this private hospital in Jalan Pahang that was certified to be a fire trap a few months ago....

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