Monday, March 07, 2005

It's Mind Over Matter...

Left right left rightleft right...the words kept echoing in my head as i coax my legs to move forward another step.

It was my first attempt at running the half marathon (21km) and it was as hard as i've imagined it to be.

I've done other races as well, but those other races involves running in the jungle, so, there is much time to stop and catch a breather.

Road runs are another issue altogether, miss the pace and not being dicipline will result in you crashing out earlier than expected.

I recall, at somewhere near the 16km mark, i hit the wall/tree/bulldozer. Felt like giving up. Coincidently, that was also where the Nike *reenergising* station was (infront of 12 SI).

"Don't Give UP. RUN." it says.

"Hit The Wall. RUN." anohter playcard says.

"Hit The Tree. RUN." anohter echoed.

I passed the 10km mark relatively easily after helping to pace a friend so that he will finish this 21km as well. I left him after the 10th KM to catch up on my own time. I want to finish the race in below 2hours and 10 minutes. I'm left with 50 minutes to do the deeds. Almost impossible as the fastest i've done to complete a 10Km run was circa 55minutes.


I ran. I overtook. I had voices in my head telling me to give it up. My legs are protesting. My joints are aching. My hands even ache as i tried to straigten them up or down, because of the same position i held my hand for the past hour or so...

I reached Maju Junction. I knew there is only like 3 more kilometer to go. I saw familiar faces. I quicken my steps, only to be blocked by those kids WALKING their 10km RUN. I felt like smacking them. My legs sorta felt rejuvenated. Mind telling the leg that it is only that far more before you get to rest. SO, go on, run. Run like the tsunami is hitting Kuala Lumpur.

I ran. In the midst of excitement and personal euphria, i miscalculated my pace, there is one more round to do at the end of the Jalan TAR junction, 21Km runners supposed to turn right into the DBKL road and run all the way down back to Pertama Complex and back to the TAR junction before going straight for the finish line.

I was following the pace of a woman, that was obviously fitter than me. I lost sight of her. My heart just drop. I knew, at this point of time, it was more of a mind game, than matter of fitness.

i gahter enough energy, just to sprint towards the finishing line. I was 11 minutes 31 seconds behind my targeted time of 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Looking back, i knew that this would be my best time, this time around, there is no where else to go, except improving the time better, in the next race. Soon.

Here is the results, i'm in position 267 in the Men F category and 446 in the overall Men Half marathon. (this mean that there is older men faster than me...hahahahah).

Whatever it is, it is just the begining of a personal quest. Me against myself.

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