Monday, March 21, 2005

when it rains, it pours...

yeap, that is very much so, jsut like Murphy's Law dictate, when things might go wrong, it will go wrong.

been in great stress lately, finacially and everything wise. But i guess that is just some passing issues in life.

been sick for the longest time, stress had me. And everytime i have stress, my digestive system goes into hyperdrive and creates loads of problem.

I've not been eating well, let alone sleeping well.

all these, and i'm putting on a mask and showing my brave egoistical face to the world.

been using sports as the only outlet i have to have my stress and problem in checked.

7 days to go for the powerman series, and i've not trained as hard or as often as i could.

i wanted to rest yesterday after the rugby match( which my team won 48-3)and asked wife to tar pow food for me.

ate it heartily, as i was hungry.

at 1am, i rushed to the toilet...

and that was very much so for the next couple of hours interval.

now, its a pain in the ass...and nopt forgeting that i'm dehydrating. been drinking so much water, i think i'm drinking the dam reserves up quickly. Must stay hydrated and do not allow the body to start burning up the cells to replenish the liquid i lost.

was suppsoed to go to Ipoh today, but gave it a miss, i'm too tired, too pale, too stress to do anything.

and all i could do is to bitch it here, for the world to see.

i'll be shifting soon to my granma's place, got to sell the house my parent's in to cover some loans my dad took for his business(which i've already pulled him out of, by buying him off from his partner)...

things doens't look rosy, but i believe there is no clouds, that the sun won't shines through.

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  1. sorry to hear what happened; I hope you'll get well soon and that darn cloud will pass over too =)