Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cat Invasion

What was that funky smell that smelt like overfried stale fish.

I exited my car as i returned back from work to find the porched stained with cat shit that my car wheel rolled over as i drove in.

I had enough.

I can tolerate them cats scavenging through the uncovered rubbish bins that some neighbours do not bother to cover.

I can tolerate them sleeping on my car warm bonnet and scratching them as they move away.

I can tolerate looking at those cute paw marks on my car windscreen as they tried to get a grip coming down from the roof.

I can tolerate the funky urine smell they left around the neighbourhood.

But I had enough of them shitting right outside my house gate and in my cactus pot.

Do you all know that cat shit is one of the most toxic around? While this is debatable, i would not want to take the chance with this. Any shit is toxic, but cat shit is the shite.

I have two toddlers at home and i do not want to risk exposing them - or myself and wifey to possible diseases that could be contributed by strays.

The strays in my area populate faster than rowdy horny bunnies. These pussies (no pun intended) get pregnant right after they gave birth (or so it seems), then you get at least a litter of 10 kittens meow-ing away for the next few months before some end up as road kill - which then contribute to MORE issues with animal carcasses on the road.

And the smell...well, i don't think anyone would want to live in what seems like a morgue, right?

I Goggled for cat repellent and all i get is animal lover trying to pussy-foot(again, no pun intended) and gotten all scadery-cat(opps) over these tyrants.

Short of poisoning them with paraceptamol or with anti-freeze, which i know will draw a lot of flakes from all of you (and i don't think i can sleep at night if i do this)...i really do not know what to do.

A friend said to keep a dog, but that won't solve my problem as dogs (as opposed to cats) are not very welcomed to roam in and out of the house area.

Another said to use sulphur...but that won't work, i don't think so (and verified by those cat repellent website that never mentioned anything sulphur).

I don't have the luxury of time to sit outside and aim water at them everytime they come close.

I am lost as to what to do.

What will YOU do?


  1. Same issue here bro. For the last 6 months, too many stray cats shitting & gaining population in the neighbourhood. Now my green lawn turned brown already. 4 times a day they shit on it, right after I removed it. Stressful here.

    I heard they sell something we can spray at the spot cat shit, so they won't shit there again. Can but it from pet shops so I heard. Do share with me with any other solution. Thanks bro.

  2. Diket - a friend suggested .22 and kill them as they come over.

    I don't think those sprays will work - if it does, you will see everyone spraying it in yours and my neighbourhood.

    it's funny how people tolerate stray cats but get all worked up when they see a stray dog...