Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Project 365 : Day 96 of 365

It was raining this evening when i was coaxing Ryan to write the letter G and H. I must say it was pretty rewarding to see your own flesh and blood intelectually trying to complete something. I found out that Ryan is an insecure perfectionist. I then looked out of the window and saw water dripping off the end of a screw. How the water collects and then dripped down interested me. Do you know that every water drop is a perfect sphere? But before they are securely a perfect sphere, they are fighting to be perfect. I must find way to let Ryan know it is ok for him not to be perfect. And it is OK to do mistakes.
Tools: D90+55-200VR. ISO800. F5.6. 1/1600. 200mm. Cropped.

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