Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Stretch For Sciatica

Sciatica Pain Management Again.
The condition has greatly improved and I have felt i regained some flexibility on my hamstring and the back surprisingly does not hurt as bad as before.
Spoke to a friend and he suggested that i perform a simple stretch in the office while sitting down at my desk.
It was simple.
Sit on the chair with good posture.
Cross one leg (ankle) over the other (thighs).
Push body forward (or rather bend with the back straight) and feeeeeelll the stretch.
I immediately feel the pull on my outer thighs and at the back of my thighs. The right leg was surprisingly flexible but i had trouble crossing my left leg over my right.
Once i managed to do that without looking spastic, the pain radiated from the butt all the way to the end of my toes.
In less than 60 seconds, i had pins and needles feeling on my whole left leg.
I was that stiff.
Lets hope things improve more with these simple exercises/stretches.

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