Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spine Exercise for Sciatica

I have written about Sciatica in my previous entry and it was void of photos. Here is an extended update tying the spine exercise with some photos of me performing it.
Sorry about the topless-ness. It was not intentional as i was lying there doing the exercise and wifey was nearby to help with the photos.
Hamstring Stretch
Yeap, i was in pain. I could not even straighten my legs. My hamstring is like strung to 1,000lb/ft, which in return, compresses against the sciatic nerves.
Pelvic Lift
Sore muscle working overtime. So much for being strong.
Half Crunch
Muffin tops...AWAY!
The last one was the yoga like stretch usually associated as a movement with downward dog.  I believe it's called the Cobra.
Grimacing. I was.
After two days of stretching and performing the exercise, the pain was slightly less. There was improvement and i know it's not psychological. It's physical improvement!
Fingers cross, i will be on my top form again, soon!

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  1. I always got a hamstring early in the morning and I think I'll try this one.