Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ironman Malaysia : T-5 Waxing Legs

Last performed in 2010 for the same reason and almost the exact same timeline. Can't justify why I am doing this but "why not". Apart from pushig my own limits, i must not forget to have fun along the way. 
Wax on. Tear off
They say waxing is painful and I have no doubt about it. The searing pain and the tearing of the cotton strips against bare skin is usually followed by screams and wimper - especially for men that has not waxed before, or waxed once a blue moon (me).
Bikini wax substance for rougher hair
The lesser than usual hair on my left leg vs my right was quite alien for me (again). I can feel slight tigling sensation due to the hot wax and obviously the exfoliation process.
The 2seconds per km advantage?
The session ended after 30mins and my legs were so smooth I felt I was back to be a pre-teen. Unbelievable feeling and airy. 
Enjoy the video. I have uploaded into my YouTube channel here.
It was done up to my tan line. So the hair above went off too.

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