Monday, September 22, 2014

Lucky 11 for IRONMAN Malaysia Stalwart

Image from Ironman Malaysia

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (September 22, 2014) - Feisty and admired, one Malaysian is back as the only person to compete in all 11 IRONMAN Malaysia events.

After a four year hiatus, many locals are excited to once again have the chance to take on one of the world’s toughest tests at IRONMAN Malaysia.

None more so than Yee Sze Mun, who, at 77, is the eldest on the start line and the only athlete to have taken part in all 11 IRONMAN Malaysia events. That's quite a feat, especially for a country that is still just finding its feet in the world of triathlon.

Yee is looking to keep a clean sheet on September 27. Nothing is more important than that.
"I’ve done it 10 times. Love the place. My blood and sweat is there. Langkawi is very special to me."
Training for IRONMAN takes its toll on the fittest, strongest and fastest. So how does this pint-sized, feisty Septuagenarian who was 72 when he posted his fastest IRONMAN time approach training?

"The aging process means it takes longer to recover. So this time I have done lots of shorter sessions. I am still smiling and don't feel so tired and am both anxious and very excited at what this new approach will do for me on race day."

When competing as the oldest athlete, chances are he will be alone in his category, which means that a Kona slot awaits for him should Yee make it across the line for his 11th finish.

"I have been to Kona six times. Getting that slot is my biggest worry. In my mind I want to go, but just thinking about the six months of suffering I need to endure to go there is a lot to get my head around right now. It could be a case of pay up and think later."

Every athlete has mind games to keep them going on race day and Yee is no different.

"It gives me a lot of satisfaction passing people. My mind still feels young and makes me feel good. I never care about the time but everyone I pass is a big plus!" 

Yee has seen the growth of IRONMAN in Malaysia from the first event with 150 people to this year’s sellout with 1,398 registered athletes.

"A lot of new people are coming into the sport and this is all good. For me, doing an IRONMAN in my home country means a great deal. Langkawi is my favourite hunting ground. I have had 10 finishes in 10 years and five podiums including two wins. There is a lot of sentimentality attached to this place, and it’s not just me. Many other local athletes who took part before feel the same. I will be here every year for as long as I can, it is like returning home."

From the eldest to the youngest, what tip does he give a newbie?

"To take in one leg at a time and don't worry about the rest. You are there to compete against yourself and Mother Nature. Don't worry about anyone else. Soak it up and enjoy it. Otherwise it will become a torture. This is most important. I am going for fun and anything else is a bonus." 

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