Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Triathlete On Budget - Servicing Your ZIPP Hubs

I've gained confidence to do this process after an event last year during a ride when my ZIPP wheels refused to freewheel due to sticky ratchet and it was 1 month to my Ironman Malaysia 2019 race. Out of desperation and thinking what could be the worse case scenario (hub replacement), I thought there may not be anything to lose to try to fix it. The first attempt back then was a clear success - I've managed to strip it off, cleaned, greased it, and reassembled it back - and lost the chance to document it for future reference. Fast forward to last weekend, i had this chance again as the wheels appears to be rough, and has a bit more freeplay that it usually does. I decided to spend the day documenting it, and shared it on my Twitter account. If you are interested, and wants to know how I did it, click on this Threadroll at the bottom of today's sharing and hope it is helpful for you.

How to service a ZIPP Hub - A Thread on Twitter by Stupe

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