Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Garmin Coach - Guidance On Your Wrist

First introduced in 2018, Garmin Coach is an adaptive training plan made available to a list of (newer) devices that can be created (desktop or on Connect App), synced to your device and help you to work through the training plans. List of compatible devices is at the end of this blog entry. Before I go into the specific of Garmin Coach, you can find a list or training plan (free) you can use from Garmin. As of today, they covers Running, Cycling and even Triathlon. This is above the "Workout" training, which includes strength, movement and Yoga you can find in the Desktop Connect or on the Connect App. 

For today's sharing, I will focus on the run specific training plan - because Garmin has gotten the help of three world class coaches to guide you from the wrist. You have invested in an expensive device, it is time to learn to maximise the features and functions! As I am prime in my base training at the moment, I've made the small decision to incorporate speed into my training, and intend to utilise the 5k Garmin Coach Plan for this reason. 

Once you select the option (in this case the Garmin Coach 5K), you will have a to answer a few questions as the system customise, or in Garmin's term, "adapt" to your intent. First off, you get the disclaimer and also the overview of the plan.

Clicking Set Up Plan will start the process with you telling Garmin what is your weekly distance. I select 40km as that is my minimum I would run in a week. I also set my average pace to be at 5:30, as this is my MAF/Zone2 capability at the moment. If you feel you can run more and run faster, adjust as required.

Clicking on NEXT will bring up the next options that allow you to choose what you are trying to achieve. They are beginner friendly, and this include gauging your own ability at the end of the program. As I consider myself to be intermediate and want a bit more challenge, I chose for a "Run with a time goal", and I've selected the fastest possible time allowed - which is 22:00 to complete a 5km. So, if you can run a 5km in sub 22mins, this plan may not be well suited for you - BUT, this plan can be used to further strengthen your base ability and work on your speed. 
Next comes the decision that may be confusing for some, and makes you having to decide which could be best. The three coaches will be available for your choosing. Coach Greg, Coach Amy, or Coach Jeff? 

Having went through all three coaches plan, and their style, my summary would be this:

Coach Greg - Focus workout that is time-based. Suitable if you are targeting to achieve a certain time-based outcome or have limited time in a day to commit (example, you have only 40mins in a day, or if the plan calls for a 60mins session, you can plan ahead).

Coach Amy - Focus on workout that is distance based. She also throws in some strength exercises and cross training as part of the focus for injury prevention. If you are the type that can commit to a (example) 12km run with no time restriction, this can be for you. 

Coach Jeff - He is famous for the "Galloway Method" which involves a run-walk-run to improves performance. His program covers speed, hill, and tempo. You will learn "Glider" drill, and even forced to do a "Magic Mile". Great for both beginner and intermediate runners. Can be challenging for experienced runners too.

Personally, I've liked Coach Jeff's plan the most, followed by Coach Greg, and then Coach Amy. For the purpose of this 5K plan, I've decided to utilise the service of Coach Greg - as his plan can sits right into my regular miles i do everyday (being part of the plan).

The next screen will ask your on your availability. I've marked weekday and left Saturday for my virtual races with Ironman, and Sunday as my rest day. I've also marked Monday as a potential for my Longer distance run if required - simply because I would had been rested on Sunday, and there is no better way to start a long run on a Monday.

Next, as the intend of this running plan to to compliment my existing base/MAF/Zone2 training, I've set the "race day" to be as long as the system allows me to be. I've chosen November 28th - and called it the "5km TT". That is a comfortable 100 days away from today (August 18).

Then you confirm all your information, or edit as required. Simple steps so far yes?
Once you press "Create Plan", you will have this page, with option to set this on your Garmin Connect page to monitor, and it will show up automatically on your Connect App once you sync your device with the phone (via Bluetooth) or Desktop (vis Express).

From experience, all the training plans will start off with a "Benchmark Run", a short simple run that will serve as the benchmark as the plan adapts itself to you ability. Coach Greg's Benchmark is a 9:00 workout that includes 2mins each of warm up and cool down. 

Once you sync your device, and are ready for your training for the day, pressing "run" on your device will bring up the plan for today. You will have the chance to review the plan by pressing View, and it will reflect the same "steps" for completion.

Hope today's entry helps you to understand more on the Garmin Coach training plans, and how you can maximise on this functions included in your device! Don't wait up, as I'll be heading for a 75mins bike and a 9mins benchmark run now!

List of Compatible Garmin Devices able to use Garmin Coach is taken from link in Garmin website here:

  • Descent MK1
  • fenix 5 series
  • fenix 5 Plus series
  • fenix 6 series 
  • fenix Chronos
  • Forerunner 45 / 45S
  • Forerunner 245 series
  • Forerunner 645 series
  • Forerunner 935
  • Forerunner 945
  • Instinct series
  • Legacy Hero series (Captain Marvel, First Avenger)
  • Legacy Saga series (Darth Vader, Rey)
  • MARQ series
  • quatix 6
  • tactix Delta
  • Venu
  • vĂ­voactive 3 series
  • vivoactive 4 / 4S

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