Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Average (Dumb Arsed) Joes

The Ever Hensem OP Adventure Team
OP Adventure

Stupe in Cave, noticed those scary reflective monsters' eyes in the background?

Doc and Steve, Laughing at Stupe for being scared of the dark...(Noticed the sharp fall behind? that's where we came out from)

Flying Stupendous Man!!!
Fox Stupe

Doncha Worry Doc...your RIbena Mobile(on right pocket, packet in purple, will survive this flight)
Fox Doc

Steve, Pretending to be scared, Dumb ass...
Fox Steve

At CP8, Tired...
Tired at CP8

Osama New hostage kept in one of the crevices at the Pinacle of Gunung Kundu...
Osama New Hostage

Stupe after almost pissing at the wall climb...
After 12 m climb

Doc, At Pinacle, and having fever...background is part of the Kinta Valley
Doc at Pinacle

Steve, at high traverse line, it's 40m below Dude!
Steve at high traverse

Doc, You Jump, i'll jsut take pictures!!
Doc at high traverse

All the dudes and dudette that got cut off after CP9...yes, a whole lorry load of us!!
The Motley Crews

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  1. Dude... something wrong with your pics lah... looks like oversharpened liao..