Monday, April 18, 2005

It was the Year 1977...

I was at site in Tg Malim, behind Proton Plant's sewage treatment plant today to check on some man holes.

i noticed a book. A diary. it was year 1977. Belongs to one malay woman.

i flipped through the diary with my shoes, out it opened, on 6th september 1977, a recipe to make Rendang Moden...

the pic are a bit not too clear, will take a new pic, when i go over there again.

but here is how it looked like.
1977 rendang

Oh ya,

me and my team mates survived the Eco-X. It has all the element of things that would go wrong, will go wrong.

more report on that later, all i can say is, damn...what a race, bloody 10 hours and abseiled down almost 65 meters(almost 27 stories building high) down some mountain with caves in the rain, feeling thirsty, hungry, dirty and scared shit... and that is just part of the whole thing...

more of that later, i promise you all!


  1. didcha keep the diary? how many yrs ago man..wah 28. keep it longer can be artefact liao =P

  2. yeah man...only a year younger than me...should had turned to urs and my bday to see what was written eh?