Monday, April 11, 2005

There you go, two weeks of preparation for this weekend race.

Here is what the whole deal is all about:

Race format and Disciplines
Race time:
3 ½ to 4 hours for the winning team and 6 hours for the last team.

Mountain biking
The mountain biking is not going to be very difficult or have much technical single track. Most of it is pretty flat and fast but there will be parts that will make or break your race. Tactically, this is a crucial section if you are a competitive team.

Running / On foot
Most of this section can be called "run if you can" because the terrain is so tough that only a few abnormal human can actually run through it. Most participants will be trying their best to stay upright and balance on the very rocky path. Being sure-footed is a huge bonus, so we encourage all of you to train on some serious off road terrain. Even better if you are used to scrambling up and down boulders and rocky paths .

Rope Work
This race will have the most spectacular rope sections that we have ever organized. And you will have to be sure of your skills as once you get to the rope sections, you are committed and can only go onwards. If you lose your nerve up there, you'll wait till the end of the race for the marshals to bring you down. There will be a rock climb, a diagonal abseil, a traverse bridge and one of the longest abseils we have ever had.

Definitely one of the highlights of this race. Have your wits about you, otherwise you can seriously get lost in this multi-level, multi-chambered cave. No crawling or squeezing at all, so don't worry if you are tall or broad.

River Boarding
Be prepared to jump into a river for a cooling or slogging section - depending on your strength.


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