Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gopeng - X Pics.


Before race pics
LnE GopengX
Light and Easy

111 Skidrow
Skidrow Bjorn and Steve - lethal mix...

Steve Race Ration
Steve's secret race food....

314 Super Socks
Supersocks Posing maut ala Britney

Supersocks and race manageress
we'll come back alive, despite the lack of proper safety checks...

315 smokescreen
Smoke Screen Zabil and Karoline gonna smoke em all away...

312 Dumass
Dumass Bandit and Zeus - Nothing gonna stop us now...

Kucing Meow
The two babes that compete in the MEN's CATEGORY!!!! Way to go Kucing Meow!

The Kas Kas - Stephanie Kas and Azman Kas - their secret race food is, well, the poppy seeds!!!!

britney pose
More Britney I'm not a girl, Not yet a Woman pose...

ready to race
Kiasu.....tsk tsk tsk...

after run
Supersocks and Skidrow coming in after 2km warm up run.

Finish Line
First was Skid Row - about 6hours 45minutes

Second was Smoke Screen - About 6Hours 55minutes

Third Was Kas Kas - 7 hours.

Fourth was Dumass - came in truck, DNF, injury problem.

Fifth was Kucing Meow - 7Hours 15 minutes

Sixth, was, well, Supersocks -7Hours 30 minutes, not very super afterall...

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  1. Aduhai... like some brady bunch on stripey hideous socks =P

    You know I don't mean that truly =P