Monday, August 15, 2005

haze is gone, so are the races...

Hoooray and sigh...

Haze is gone after 2 weeks of bugging the citizen of Klang Valley and has since shifted upnorth. I hope it would reach Thai Kingdom, because by then, the Indons will be facing the warth of the Royal Kingdom.

I've since refrained from any outdoor activities, but because of my work, i am outdoor, almost everyday. Thank Goodness Melaka is not really effected, but the haze is as bad as in Seremban.

Also, because of the haze, Rat Race (not that i took part) was postponed to 6th September 2005. Big Walk was called off until futher notice. Then AXN was also postponed.

This is serious.

September is a pretty busy week.

11th September is Perhentian Island Challenge and KL MTB Carnival.

16-18 September is the Half Ironman in Desaru and UPSI Challenge in Tg Malim.

Then it is Powerman Series on the 25th September 2005.

October is when the fasting month will start.

Now, something ought to be cancelled to fit into the racers' schedule.

I've signed up for KL MTB Carnival, Desaru and Powerman.

AXN is scheduled for 20th August 2005, which will now be, err, postponed, until futher notice, even the skill testing due tomorrow is postponed and "racers will be notified 2 weeks in advance", meaning, even if they announced it like today, it won't happen until the first week of September.

Now, assuming that the Big Walk will take place by then, there is only the first week end of september where AXN could take place....

That would also meant that some of us would be Superman & for 4 consecutive weekend, with the Half Ironman being the most taking (in terms of travelling and race, of course).

It's truly pushing the body to the limit, no average joes or janes could possibly do it, without the body crying and begging for mercy.

Whatever it is, i hope non of the event above would clash...and make some of us give up to make way for another race...

And Fog you Indonesia!

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