Friday, August 26, 2005

Malaysian Astro-NUTS!

Read the paper two days ago and found out that a few hundreds hopeful and aspiring malaysians were chosen to undergo the first stage of selection.

Running 3km in under 20 minutes.


I'm not going to brag here, but that is hardly nothing. An average exercising person could do 5km in less more than 25 minutes.

Those super atheletes in Malaysia could easily do a 10km run in 40 minutes.

Now, i only hope there is some Malaysian men/women that could set a new record or something or the whole astronuts thingy is just a joke.


Yesterday's Paper said that the Malaysian Astronouts will be voted jsut like Akedemi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol - ie via SMS.

We are gonna be a world joke.


  1. Just found out one of my Junior in RMC, Hozay Hafiz, A Coy managed to complete the run in top 12 position.

    Frankly, i've also applied for it, maybe because of my low IQ, they decided to push my application aside.

  2. I disagree with your comments.. don't be so MALAYSIAN, where people just complaint whatever they like without thinking positive 1st... it's not about the run distance N the time... but it's about sincerity N spirit.. do u think u have either one? don't thrash yr comments too fast, let 'em prove their abilities 1st!!! I'm proud of these guys..

  3. dude...

    Not disageeing or somesort...If i didn't think of it as positive, i wouldn't had applied, right?

    Yes, it is about sincerity and spirit, i jsut thought that since they are looking for the first Malaysian to be in space, then better do it right la, what i really meant was, the distance and timing was hardly challenging, at least for an astronout.

    The old air force officer, i bet he could easily *walk* that's the standard USAF fitness gauge, the 2 mile run i meant.

    and dude... ;-) those N were dead giveaway.