Monday, November 28, 2005

OPA lost to STJOB


We lost.

But we had our head held high. No doubt the better team won. But we lost by a mere 2 points, or one conversion.

Both teams has almost equal ball possesion but we ended up giving more penalties to the winning team.

Forwards were loose at time and not as tight as some of us wanted it to be.

Adding on to a few missing players, which might, or not might have created any differences to the game's outcome.

Injuries, espcially on the jumper, which only managed to catch the ball on air like once or twice.

It's almost like a fairy tale gone wrong.

Nevertheless, there is only one way to go. And it's UP.

Final of the Alumni's league will see HSOBA playing against STJOB next week.

MCOBA lost their game too yesterday.

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