Wednesday, November 23, 2005

updated template

i've recently been encountering some casino pop up ads in my blogspot account and also sound from this current blog.

suspected some javascript from some add ins i added in (hahaha, ok, very very redundant england this...)

so...i went on and remove:

1. google search bar
2. moon phase
3. weather pixie
4. online user indication
5. technocrati *canggih* pictured profile link
6. Chatter box.

will see how it goes over the next few days to check which is the real culprit.

meanwhile, my marathon training has since commenced since last week.

I'm not too sure when is the date of the KL International as yet, hence i'm experimenting with a 14 weeks and a 16 weeks training schedule.

The 16 weeks training schedule seems more challenging and could almost promise me to be able to finish the KL Marathon.

Since it will be my first marathon, and possibly my first race as a 30-35 age group, i shall ease myself into finishing it...

If everything goes well, ie the marathon at teh end of February 2006, then the 16 weeks schedule is just about right.

Yesterday, i did some interval training. It involves 2 sets of 3x800m with 90 seconds rest between reps and 5 minutes between the sets.

well, obviously i was panting like some dog by the end of the last 1600meters.

Maybe i should had just set the speed to a max of 13.5km/h instead of 14.5km/h because by the time i'm on my last set, 12km/h seems to be a big challenge...

I clocked in 7.4km in 40 minutes yesterday, rest included.

Oh ya, and it ain't sexy/cool to be panting like some constipated dog next to some babes that is walking on the threadmills, both left and right of me.

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