Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tagged by Cyber-Red...

OK, thanks to this girl, i'm tagged and i felt kinda obliged to, well, get this done and over with.

here goes:

10 years ago I was:
19 years old, just finished my STPM practical papers and exams was starting in like "yesterday". Yes, was freaking out like no one's business and i guessed doing Form 6, academic wise was the worse decision i've made in my whole life. Was also doing some crazy stuffs like pedalling via the old Bentong road to the Foothill of Genting and PIMPING with the Police to send me all the way up so i could cycle down the Genting Road.

5 years ago I was:
24, and just graduated from KDU with a First Class Hon Degree in E&E. Was already working my arse off to pay my tuition fees and moonlighting as some kuli wiht some event organiser to move those huge speakers here and there. The biggest event i did was Gillian Hung's wedding at the Ballroom of the hotel at StarHill, can't even remember that hotel name..because the last i went to KL was like, err...last month, when the AXN race was going on. I know, i'm very ULU.

1 year ago I was:
28 and decided to join those races called torture and self inflicted pain. Did my first race in PJ Half where it took me 1H 7Mins to finish my first 10km race. Ever since then, i was hooked and racing since then. Also, i got registered to the love of my life.

Yesterday I was:
At my pal's place for deepavali where i hanged out from 12am till 3am for supper and going to his place later for the celebration where we talked cock the whole day long.

5 snacks I enjoy:
Choc. Kerepek Sambal. Rum n Raisin choc.

5 Songs I Know All the Words To:
Are you lonesome tonite.
Last Waltz.
Two Less Lonely People in the World.
Kau Ilhamku
Marie's Her name (his latest flame)

5 Things I would Do With A 100 Million Splurges:
Pay off current house.
Pay off wifey's car.
Get House for parents.
Get car for parents.
buy lottery to hope to strike anohter few millions.

5 Bad Habits:
Bite my nails
Swear at stupid Malaysian drivers
Trying to be perfectionist.
talk too much.

5 Biggest Joys:
FInishing Desaru Long Triathlon.
Getting my own house.
paying off my current car.
Loved ones.

5 Favourite Toys:
My assortments of torchlights.
My assortments of things that emit lights.
My bicycle.
My lego sets.
My other bicycle.

5 Things I Would Never Wear:
bright coloured clothing, except if it is reflective all over.
waist high jeans.
vacuum cleaner boot cut jeans.
sleeveless T when walking around town (these are ONLY meant for sports, not to show off your armpit hair, or lack thereof)
funny gayish printed t.

5 Favourite TV Shows:
CSI - all 3
Amazing Race

5 Fictional Characters I Would Date:
I'm married.
I'm married.
i'm married.
i'm married.
i'm married.

5 People I Tag:

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