Friday, December 09, 2005

2 Million Free Tics, and I've 2 of them

Been trying like since Tuesday at Air Asia for a vacation with wifey next year.

Initial date was avialable, but getting the booking done was a damn blardy pain.

In those 3 days, i've:
1. memorised all the ad from Air Asia as i had to call them to confirm if there was a booking from me.
2. clicked air asia site numerous times that i think i'm contributing to my own *timed out* responds from that website.
3. memorised most of the free tickets day, as it was like some treasure hunt, though not very hard to find(for those free tixs)
4. Curse and lost count of how many times i actually filled in all the details only to be denied at the final process.

And today, at 3pm, i finally nailed it.

Tixs for 2 to Bali, Next year. FOC, courtesy of Air Asia. For my vacation cum honeymoon with Wifey.

But i have to call back next week, to reconfirm again...

I had to pay the admin fee and also the fuel surcharge and also the airport tax coming out of Indonesia. I reckon the total would be RM 378(incl of airport tax, fuel surcharge, admin fee..etc etc...)

Whatever it is, Thank You Air Asia.

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