Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Congrats Bro!

Dedicated to my best Bud.

Iqbal Farim, Dr. on his wedding/bersanding day at Kepala Batas to Lenny Irana.

Congrats brother.

Snacks along the way to Kepala Batas : RM12.50
Toll to Kepala Batas : RM89.20
Petrol to Kepala Batas : RM106.00
Seeing your best bud getting married : Priceless.


I've known you for ages, it's true i've known others for ages as well, it might be we were seperated at birth, and i'm darn happy that you are married now, to one of the most wonderful person i've come across as well.

It was almost tearjerking to see you there with your bride.

I was damn proud when they called me to merenjis the air mawar and all the do's, to signify my blessing...

You are the best (well, after my wife now, of course) and you will remain so, for the rest of my life.


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