Friday, December 23, 2005

Explorace Season 3 : Final Audition

After the long ardous weekend...TV3 finally called Bandit.

We are in.

We are amongst the many teams chosen for the final audition.

It will take place tomorrow and sunday at Sri Pentas. We were told to bring along insect repellent for some surpise shooting (i suspect we are going to Kiara Hill).

3 changes of clothes with no brand (we plan to use body paint, no brand!!!)

towels as we will be in water (oh what fun).

And well, we are, as usual, again, keeping our finger crossed to get into at least the first race.

And hope non of the filming date will clash with my wedding date next year. If it does...i had to choose between my wife and the race (then again, it's not much of a choise ain't it?)

Will furnish report on the audtion next week, after Christmas that is.

And Yes, i won't be celebrating it this year with wifey. She's not happy, of course.

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