Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ain't No Cloud the Sun Can't Shine Through.

Whenever i feel down or meloncholic, i would always remind myself that there is always sign and indication that things in life are much better, or not as bad as it is/was/were/are.

And yesterday, after sending my boss' kid back home, i couldn't resist but to stop by the road side and snap this pic. Though it was nothing as spectacular, but it was the moment that counts.

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone???

Things has been pretty hectic and jagged for the past couple of days/weeks. With Wedding prep making or taking the most of it. It all suddenly seems surreal. A year ago, we told ourselves that it's well, ONE year away. And yesterday, horror of horror, it's 3 more weeks to go.

Well, most of the important stuff has been done. Nothing much to be worried about.

Then, it's the lack of training for the KLIM next weekend. I swore i will be dead if i even do the Langkawi Ironman this weekend.

But whenever these thoughts of the wedding ceremony and sports comes up to bug me...or when work gets crazy at moment like these...i remind myself that there is never a cloud that the sun can't shine through.

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