Thursday, February 16, 2006

missing..and here is the excuses.

Been rahter busy doing a few things at the moment. Top of the priorities now is the wedding preparation. So far, me and wifey has gotten loads of things off the mind and with a lot to deal with too, where families are concerned.

1. done the food testing.
2. did my suits.
3. did her gown and dinner dress.
4. did the cards.
5. did the mass booklet
6. gotten a car for wedding
7. did the flowers thingy

outstanding items seems to be piling up by the days too.
1. not done the wedding invite list and seating arragements
2. not send the wedding invites
3. not printed and photostated the mass booklet
4. not collected the suits
5. not collected her gown and dinner dress
6. not finalised how many places for vegetarian seats

i know i missed out on some items, and i know it will come in as the days goes by.

On the working front, been rahter free where work is concerned, not really a very good year for me and boss though as so far, we've not secured any projects. Loads of talks and discussion and if you do see me peddling for a job in 6 months time, you'll know why.

On the sports front, been NOT doing enough running. Due to the weather and the wedding prepartion which took up most of the time we could have. I'm still running the KLIM, no doubt, should be able to finish it below 6 hours (LOL). Missing a few runs here and there and not a good thingy actually as i aspired to join more races this year.

Now, with the Duathlon calender almost being NON-EXISTENT, meaning i'll be doing 3 races short.

My Explorace race with Bandit will only take place end of April, which is a lot of time more, considering. We did our promo shot in RMC (Thank you Tuan Commandant!!) with us as usual slutting and whoring infront of the camera.

Even before the race starts, me and Azly has been talking about what we want to do with the bounty when we win the race.

Well, once could only wish, ain't it?

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