Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fire in the Hole!

Fire right in front of my office at the indonesian squatter area!!!

pics to be uploaded soon!

going to sibuk for a while!

OK Back!!!


Fire spread so fast. Wifey called to ask if i'm ok. Wondered why she even asked that.

Only when i opened the office blinds did i saw what was happening.

Holy smoke...view from my office

Was told that fire just started like 5 minutes before i asked anyone it is, at the height of the fire

Zoomed in 4X as there was an explosion, definately a gas cylinder.

Heros came and help put out fire, fire spread too fast, Firemen came in less than 10 minutes

Go buy number, it's 7955

fire 6
What's left of the Kongsi, supervisor said about 50 indonesians has all their belonging burnt. most were at work at the nearby sites.

I suspect the fire started because of short circuit. It was raining heavily when the fire started. Let this serve as a lesson to the other one major big kongsi right next to the TNB sub station just down my office.....

ps- pics are taken with a 3 days old K750i...wifey bought one for me when she got one herself! ;-)

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