Tuesday, October 23, 2007

KK - Sandakan : 8 Hours

Started the day at 5.30am and left KK by 6.30am.

Found my way to the road towards Tuaran to move Eastward to Sandakan.

Passed through Tuaran, Tamparuli, Kinabalu Park, Kundasang, Ranau, Checkpoint 32 and finally Sandakan.

only map i have - Ranau to Sandakan is +/-225km

The road to Kinabalu Park passing through Tamparuli was a pleasant one as the road was much easier to negotiate compared to the road from KK to Keningau.

In fact, it was more dangerous to drive to Keningau than to Sandakan!

Only thing i really need to be careful off is the landslides (which i counted up to 4 along the 335km).

Landslide which occured on 18th October - KM32 Tamparuli-Ranau route

It was really interesting as today's journey brought me across Mountain, River and Forest.




Only other hazards are the trucks, be it container trucks, palm oil tankers, movers or anything with more than 6 wheels (Express Bus included) which either go uber slow, or ultra fast.

2 trucks carrying portable office container plus generator and even a toilet set in front of my car

Fast express bus behind

Told ya!!!

There are portions of road which is under construction and consist of crusher run/gravel road, which ultimately slowed down the journey.

Not fun when you need to pee

I had 2 pee stop, one in Ranau and one at Checkpoint 32, at which i almost burst my bladder on both occasions.


Anyhow, i reached Sandakan safely, not feeling too well, caught a cold i guess, eye watery, nose blocked and throat sore.

I will be travelling on a daily basis from Sandakan to Beluran, a good 88km away, which will take me a minimum of 90minutes one way.

Days will start early at 6.30am.

Concreter put me up in this new swanky hotel called Mark's Lodge. Internet connection in room! WooHoo!


Will update with more pics later!

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