Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ryan - 15 Days to 11th Month

nola, i'm not crying, i'm showing my teeth

I'm now 75cm tall and weigh in at 10.5kg. I lost some weight after 9 months as papa says i'm too heavy to carry at 12kg.

I can now say "mum mum" and "nen nen". These are the two most important words in my life now. Occasionally, when i'm in the mood, i will make my papa happy by saying Papa (but very softly).

I love the books that mama bought for me. I call her more often because calling her sound like me asking for mum mum.

I got 8 teeth now. 4 on the top and 4 below. I think i will have more teeth as i grow older.

I got rhythm

I sometimes shake my head and tap my head, Mama thought i'm stressed, but actually i'm dancing.

Told you i can dance

This shirt and jeans you see in the pic was given to me by my aunt and also papa's friend which he call Bean. The only bean i'm familiar with is those that mama put inside my porridge to feed me. I like it very much (the beans i meant).

I was dressed up for mama's friend's wedding. He say to wear nicely so some babes at the wedding will fell in love with me. I'm not sure about that la, because all of them looked so tall and old. I much prefer someone younger.

Dancing to Uncle Surin's fav song - Kungfu Fighting"

I also heard from Mama that papa was in some girl magazine before. Not sure why he want to get all dolled up and be photographed there. I was also told that papa did not win it, maybe because he can't pose properly. He should had taken lessons from me.

Ryan Manhunt - The Magnum Look

I love to go out. Whenever mama or papa or anyone takes me near the home's main door, i will be very happy. Lately mama been taking me downstairs to play at the swings. I know another friend, his name is Shaun. He is 18 months old, but he looked as big as me only. Papa say when i grow up, i can become taikor at the park and collect protection money.

Scary or not?

Mama always call me Ryan The Lion, go to Giant to buy onion. I do not know what Onion is, but i been to Giant a lot of time with papa and mama. So, this is my best impersonation of Lion.

Hear me roar!

or is this more realistic?"

But for that day, i got enough of making faces to amuse mama and papa la. They keep asking me to show my teeth, so, i show them, maybe my face looked funny when i do that, maybe my teeth looked too cute, that is why they laugh. Maybe they are so amused with what i can do, that is why they are so happy.

granma putting on socks for me

Oh ya, When papa was in this place called Miri, mama put me on Potty Training, under papa's supervision. I can hear mama's excited voice when she told papa what i'm doing.

Doing Business

And i'm still wondering why they get so excited about me poo-pooing.

I heard Papa will be away to Port Dickson tomorrow. I hope he comes back by Friday night because he is supposed to bring me for some class on Saturday morning. he say there got a lot of babes, i sure hope they are much younger than me!

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