Monday, April 14, 2008

BHP Orange Run 08

At 4.30am, wifey was telling me that it was raining heavily.

I saw my excuse not to run the Orange Run.

At 6.30am, the rain did not seem to stop and i sms-ed Arif, which then throw the question back to me again.

I decided to go and run as i need to break some sweat badly. Work has been heavy and stressful and anything to keep work off my mind would be definately welcomed.

At 7.20am, i went to pick Arif and Senn up.

We reached Curve right on time for the run.


What flagoff?

Apparently, by the time we arrived, the run has started and we were a good 10 minutes behind. I was among the many non-registered runner aka pirate. The run was free, but i don't seems to find the time to register for it. I told myself not to drink anything on the drink station as not to deprieve others.

We managed to catch up with the runners and was soon making ground with the rest of the group.

Me and Arif decided to just go on a slow pace as both of us has not gotten any serious training in.

It was still drizzling slightly when we ran out of Mutiara Damansara. Arif was all sweat and raring to go.

Arif the Tryathelte - but actually an Ironman

I was having a relatively slow jog and was pleasantly surprised that i was hanging in pretty well. My last run was KLIM.

With Ironman Arif and Iron(wo)man Senn

During this run, i was also testing out the Nike Free Everyday and also the Nike Plus software via the Ipod connectivity. I was also testing the NikeFit top and the NikeFit shorts over their useabilities in fun run like these.

We reached the 5km mark in about 30minutes, which is pretty much a relatively 6:00 comfy pace. Not pushing and on any given Ironman Sunday, there won't be much sweat so to say.

But frankly, i was struggling to a certain extend but i wasn't struggling like in consitpated kind of way. You get what i meant la.

It's the sun la, that is why sweat

At the water station, we waited for Senn. While waiting a few people ran passed and could recognise me from this blog. How's that for being recogniseable OUTSIDE of this blog? :)


So, Hi to you Nik! and Hi to you Doc M!

NikeFIT white top and NikeFIT Shorts

The run took us from Curve to Mutiara Damansara, Passing by Pelangi Damansara into Sunway Damansara, then towards (the old) Sony HQ, then left towards Centrepoint and turning left at 1 Utama/BU4 junction before crossing over the Surian Tunnel back to Curve. Total distance was 9.99km (as recorded on a friend's Garmin 305 Forerunner) and 9.54km on the Ipod with Nike+ capability. It pays to calibrate the Ipod as it goes to show the accuracy which isn't too far off from the supposedly distance (when compared to the GPS).

The very "colourful" Nike Free Everyday

As i approach the finishing line, i saw Tey. As usual, with his weapon of choice - his dSLR.

Sorry ah...blame it on the effect of running and taking picture

I cross the finishing line in 56:36. Here is my running stats:

Distance : 9.54km
Time: 56:36
Pace: 5.35min/km
Ave HR : 158bpm
Max HR : 186bpm
Kcal : 776kcal

And here is a few pics of the few people i know that crossed the line.


Arif with Nik

Doc M

Wifey's cousin - Eddie



To all that finished the run, and most importantly, those that did their maiden/virgin 10km run, WELL DONE!

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