Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look What Is In My Wardrobe

Lifelogger refused to accept any pics that i tried to upload and now, i'm without a picture hosting site. So, i have no choice but to utilise the build in feature of and apologies if the pictures isn't as big as it used to be.

Last Sunday, as i was unpacking and putting some stuff into the new home, i can't help but grin from ear to ear to find some of my old uniforms which i wore during my RMC days.

It still fits though - but that might be denial at work.

The beret and the chicken feather


And back in the early 1990's, all new boy would have a set of these tracksuit. Back then, when windbreaker-parachute like material was a rage, this cotton retro tracksuit was simply fugly. 15 odd years later...i think this is pretty cool. Infact, wearing them, at an angle, i felt i look like one of the angkasawan.

The brand was MONZA...go figure

I've also found some of the t-shirts and polo-t which was produced by my peers back then, with tagline such as GUTS and GLORY...RMC FAN CLUB...Beyond go figure. It's cheesy, yes, but i guess 15 years ago, when most of us felt we are almost invincible as a teenager, anything that shout out what (we think) we are, is just simply awesome.

I promise i will show more pictures in time to come. Meanwhile, continue to ROTFL.

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