Monday, April 07, 2008

Ryan Is Sick

On the rarest of occasion, this fella finally fell sick.

Not that me or wifey is proud that he is, but the mere fact about how unprepared we are as parents!

We were in PD on Saturday for a weekend getaway. I was stressed at work, having to clean up tonnes of things which was left behind by someone. Wifey wanted a break teribbly too, to *getaway* from the pregnancy blue (Nadia will be due 24th June!).

So, we headed down to PD with the usual gorgeous aunties and handsome uncles and one small leng lui baby (the usual la, Auntie Chit, Auntie SP, Auntie Olivia, Uncle KC, Uncle Roland, Uncle Kevin and lil Maira)

We were in Legend Water Chalet, yeap, it's that expensive place. But me and wifey settled for the tower hotel room, reason being, we do not want to have some heart attack seeing Ryan climbing over the balcony and into the water.

The place is a-ok. It's big (the room) and for the price you are paying for, it's essentially paying for 2 rooms actually (the one we have had a king size bed and a queen sized bed). We then decided to jump into the pool to cool off the hot afternoon day.

And that was the worse possible choice we made.

The pool was dirty. I was itching the moment i was in there for 2 minutes. I thought i was the only one but apparently, even Wifey started to itch. Then, we noticed that Ryan too, had red rashes on his body.

We left the pool as soon as we got in.

That evening, during dinner, Ryan had a fever.

And the fever had me scrambling all over PD for a pharmacy. All closed since it was already 10am.

I looked for clinic, but can't find one within 5km of the hotel (nearest was the Hospital near Marina).

It was by sheer luck when i stumbled on one 24 hours clinic right where i usually have breakfast when i go to PD for work. I never realised it was there because it was runned down (exterior) and the interior would remind you of a very old clinic, operated by very old doctor.

I didn't see the doctor, but i bought one bottle of Paraceptamol from the clinic. It cost me RM10 (!!!)

Ryan's fever then went up and down. I even bought the fever patch (the one form Hitsamitsu - Bye Bye Fever) and stuck one on his back.

It was cool (as in COLD) and he did shiver when i put it on his back. Even in his sickness, Ryan stills entertain.

His fever subsided the following day and came back again in the afternoon. It went off in the evening and came back at night.

I stuck one of the patch on his forehead when he was in deep sleep (and so, he don't ahve the tendency to pull it off) and by 6am this morning, the patch was dried up! It goes to show his fever actually went up while we were all sleeping.

Never once he complained. Infact, if you see him, you won't know he is sick unless you place your hand on his forehead or body. He still run around like he is alright and still climb here and there as if nothing has happened.

So, this morning, with his body still with temperature, we decided to bring him to see doctor.

The first vet pead we went to was literally filled with kids. We were 18th on the waiting list. The nurse did nothing to access the situation to prioritise who the doctor should see first. Imagine if a baby comes in with fever and had to wait for 2 hours before seeing the doctor. By then, it might had been too late, the brain might had been fried. So, me and wifey had blackmarked this children clinic in Taman Tun. Shame on them! (Post Note : Apologies for being judgemental - realised that i shouldn't had judge the clinic even before having a chance to talk to the doctor. I blame it on my own ignorance and instinct as a parent to get Ryan treated)

We then took a drive to Uptown area and stumble upon one clinic for children. The nurse instantly asked for Ryan's temperature to be taken and had him see the doctor within the next patient that went out. Mind you, the clinic wasn't empty and no one has any qualm about the situation as i'm sure the parents there knows better about all these!

Doctor diagnose Ryan as having viral fever. And the only reason how i could think of it is by swimming in the dirty swimming pool in Legend Hotel PD. He might had drank/sipped some of the water and resulted with him down with fever and diarrhea. The doctor then took a look into both his ears (in case it's ear infection that causes the fever) and access the situation.

Seems that what i've done for Ryan so far has been correct - 5ml of paraceptamol (250mg) every 6 hours should do the trick.

We were told to give him loads of water (which we does everyday) and to keep him as comfy as possible (meaning, more air circulation).

The last i check, Mum in law says his fever wasn't as high, but his body is warm to hot.

Whatever it is, he was still running around in the house.

How to believe that he is sick in the first place?

To tell you the truth, this episode has shown how unprepared we are to combat his fever. Not helping as this boy hardly fall sick to begin with. And i guess just like me, once he is sick, he will be sick and that only happens once in a blue moon.

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