Saturday, April 09, 2011

Kiara#8 April2011

Good ride this morning. My first attempt to cycle in early morning before sunrise. Armed with the Ultrafire C8 and the MagicShine light, i literally turned the darkness to daylight. I started my ride at 6.00am and i have a feeling that i will be doing this kinda ride often.
Ultrafire bottom and Magicshine top. One is RM80 (Ultrafire) and Magicshine is RM230. Ultrafire penetrates further while Magicshine has both throw (but less than Ultrafire) and spread.
MagicShine 900lumens (claimed), but feel/looked more 300Lumens.RM250.
Ultrafire C8 with Q5Cree. RM80.
Met a three new friends today during the ride. Gavin, Roland (not to be confused with the one and only Ro-Lance) and another Expat from Aussie. I rode the usual 2k-Apollo-Mission twice before meeting up with the rest of the gang at 7.30am. From there, we took Twin Peak to Kampung.At one point before Kampung, near adrenalin, , we managed to capture some sunbeam and camwhored for a LONG while.
As we reaches Kampung, i was super conscious about the spot i went off the trail and down the ravine. So i went slow.
From there, it was back via Plan C - Bar-A-Kuda before heading through Lower - Snake&Ladder - Twin Peak - Round Mountain - Karnival. My ride ended at Lower as it was already 10am by then and had to go home. Kheng Leong had a super fall at Plan C where he literally tipped over at the apex of the trail head down to the school's perimeter wall. It was a cool 15feet drop and we literally saw him in slow motion, unclip, trying to regain his balance and went tumbling down to be cushioned by the dead twigs and leaves.
And i never seen someone so happy to fall down that deep. :D
Today's ride also marked my last official ride before SAC. It's bike packing the next weekend and i have to ensure i pack all things into the box. A bit anxious about the whole SAC race to be frank.
Distance : 14.5km
Time: 3:00
MaxHR : 165bpm (my HR was low at 152bpm when i cycled up the tarmac to the crossroad, i was surprised!)
AveHR : 152bpm (relaxed ride???)
Tomorrow i will run 20km with wifey as part of her prep for SCKLM in June.

2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 49.26km


  1. All the best for the SAC Stupe! Can't wait to hear your tales about the race when you are back ;)BTW, pinjam gambar for blogpost yar, with photo credits of course.

  2. Unka - you don't have to ask. Please take. I pass u ori later ok? :D

  3. Dude, that looks like soooo much fun, I got to do more MTB riding once I get this Ironman monkey off my back.

    Good luck in SAC