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Run#3 April2010 : Double Hill

Managed to get mum in law to help babysit the kids this morning and me and wifey went for a much needed run. I have a lot of catching up to do mileage wise in preparation for SAC and SCKLM. Plan was for a 15km run or until 8am. Plan was to start at 6.15am so we would be done by then. We started running at about 6.45am and saw ChoiCC and Sofian.
Wifey clocked close to 120km for the past 2 months. Pretty decent considering her full time work and managing the shops and home. She used to cringe running even 1km, let alone think about doing 42km this year. With decent mileage under her belt and with the 42km training regime (i so called customized for her), she is at the stage where she will soon start doing some LSD.
The route was the typical Bukit Aman-Double Hill. Should be decent enough to bring her out of the gym (as i could not run with her after work) and let her see how much easier it is to run on the road (boredom wise).
Armed with a bottle of water and the Polar RS300X (with footpod), vital info such as HR and pace could be monitored. She wants to finish the marathon in whatever timing, and to take pressure off and to remain realistic, we are looking at 6:30 timing - the absolute max before SCKLM pack up and go home. I have also registered and will be running with her. It will be my 5th standalone marathon and my 8th in total (with 3 coming from Ironman races).
As for me, i was in full SAC gear - my Camelbak loaded with 3L of liquid, 2 spare tubes, one pump and my camera. I want to see if i could carry this over the distance and want to fine tune my load and if i should downgrade to the 2L basic pack. Minimalist approach as anything that weigh 500gram will be 50kg by the end of the long day in SAC.
The route that we ran this morning is the usual route many will take. With enough of hill and flat, it offers everyone a mixture of terrain to deal with. Many champions are born training at this route. The other one would be the LSD route where you will cross the road and head towards Hartamas and back.
Wifey set a steady pace and kept to the timing crossing the first 5km in about 35mins and 10km by 1:10.
This is something she used to struggled to do. She can finally look back and laugh 10km distance at it's face. Mind you, she wasn't even struggling as the HR remained at 150bpm average, which meant it is only 70% HRMax. In a 42km run, consistency is important and not burning out too soon too fast is the key of avoiding the "wall" at KM30.
The run this morning finished with absolutely no drama and she did it like she ran the route many times. 1:28 over 12.5km.
She now know that it is important to stay focused and be disciplined as not to be swayed by the urge to run at a pace faster than she could sustain or to let the mind play games to wear one out. Great effort i say!
My stat.
Distance : 12.5km
Time: 1:28:20
HRMax : 178bpm
HRAve : 148bpm
Got to go. Tomorrow i am riding Kemensah and getting ready for SAC. That include equipment check and also cycling in full gear!
The PFD i purchased yesterday worked like a charm (as it should). I can literally lie in the water not worrying my head would dip below water level. With the back portion void of any flotation medium, the Camelbak could remain there with no extra bulk! Way to go!

2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 48.16km

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