Monday, April 04, 2011

Sabah Adventure Challenge 2011 : Dry Run

Met up at Bandit's place by 6am. 3L Camelbak. Tubes. Pump. Helmet. Glove. Phone. Camera. Rolled out. On my back was most probably load about 11 to 12pound in weight. On my helmet, my newly acquired super lamp that turned night (or early morning) into day time. We rode from Bandit's home to kemensah and it took us about 20minutes top. Pretty good speed and feeling a bit tired from the run the day before. Good opportunity of feeling how it is like tired; as SAC would require us to race three days back to back with only night rest.
Met up with Budin and Doc after the last bridge where the old Len Seng 171 used to stop and make U-Turn. Waited for a while for Budin's teammate, Dzul to show up and it was then all the way into Kemensah.
As you know, i grew up in Ulu Kelang. While the place still has it's charm, very much of it is slowly being exploited for commercial and soon, for development. The route above used to be a single trail as far as i can remember back in 1990's, see the highway that has been opened up due to 4WD intrusion and ATV activities.
As we go deeper into the trail, the more pristine portion was revealed by more undergrowth and less damage to the trail.
Nevertheless, you can still see the ruts that was caused by the 4WD and ATV and even at some part the motocross bikes eating up the trails. While this posting is not about the destruction that is happening in Kemensah, i apologize for the introductory that should had paid more attention to the dry run for SAC.
The ride was short. More to just get  feel for the possible day. it is not 50% representative of the route that we will take, but at this point, we take whatever comes our way.
"I can hear my heart rate in my ears", Bandit said.
This chap must be pushing beyond his 90%. Well done.
After the short ride, we decided to do some BRICK in the trail. So, in goes a short 10minutes run just to simulate the biathlon section.
Doc was as usual, his macho self and he did two loops...with the second loop a power loop where he whipped the trail like it was flat land.
Bandit going after Doc
Budin and Dzul is representing AirAsia and tales of their CEO personal best in 42km is an inspiration to many others. SAC promises to bring out the best, and the worst in some of us. With three more weeks to go, it is just a matter of time before i am updating this blog as a race report after the race.
Distance : 7.8km Bike. 1.1km Run.
Max HR : 180bpm
Ave HR : 150bpm
Time : 2hours.
2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 49.26km

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  1. "The completion rate of a Sabah Adventure Challenge is 60% with 40% finishing in “elite” times, and the remaining 60% finishing within the maximum time allocated each day within cut-off times."

    It won't be an easy task, and we'll do our best to be part of the 60% statistics..