Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Peril's Of Budget Airlines

With more Budget Airlines coming up within the region, more people can afford to fly. With flights made more affordable, something got to give - common sense and common courtesy goes flying out the window. Many times we have seen people rushing forward when the flight call for boarding. Then you get them asking for you to change seat because "i want to sit with my wife", when you paid to choose your seat. Worse is when they start giving you the evil look when they took what is yours - window view.
I had my fair share of perils flying on budget airlines and that include rude flight attendant. Just because we fly budget, doesn't mean we have to be treated like budget travellers.
So, when a friend shared this video on my timeline, it dawned to me that with Budget Airlines, more can fly, more can also, well, behave badly. With the airline trying to fit the maximal load into each plane, that would meant less leg space, seats that recline slightly and fight, that could result in them. Enjoy the video. It is a pity, as the lady is pretty - but she lacked class. She should be stuffed in the Cargo space where she can shove the luggage around.

The write up on the Youtube video says the following:
A woman allegedly assaulted two men on board a Tiger Airways flight from Ho Chi Minh to Singapore on Saturday after she accused one of them of kicking the back of her seat, according to various media reports.

The incident involved Yeo Chia Keat, 37, a project executive who was with his wife, as well as his friend Chua Teck Kwang, 37, a technician who was with his family on the same flight.

According to socio-political website TR Emeritus, Yeo bumped the seat in front of him while stretching his legs. Upset, the daughter of the Vietnamese lady seated in front of him then started yelling at Yeo and his wife.

The daughter then started "shifting her seat up and down repeatedly", Yeo told local Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao, but the couple ignored her.

Yeo told the upset passenger when their flight landed in Singapore at around 5:20pm that they could go and make a police report together if she was not happy over what happened, but that simply enraged the woman, according to media reports.

Chua recounted to Lianhe Wanbao that the woman flung her hand-carried luggage at Yeo's head, and after the former tried to intervene, she turned to hit him instead.

"She used her sharp nails and scratched my face and right arm", Chua was quoted by the same paper as saying.

Yeo's wife then took a video of the scene with her handphone.The Vietnamese woman can be seen hurling words of abuse at Chua while passengers began alighting. 

After which, she attacked him by pushing his chest. Chua's forehead was seen to be bleeding after her attack. A lady tried to stop her by was also hit by her. They then threatened the woman by repeatedly saying that they would call the police on her. 

While exiting the plane, shouts from both parties attracted the attention of the airport policemen. Chua told Lianhe Wanbao that the woman claimed the two men had hit her mother. 

According to TR Emeritus, Chua claimed that the woman then unbuttoned her blouse and showed her chest to the policemen, telling them that Yeo had molested her.

Chua then called the police, who upon arrival tried to mediate between the two parties.

He later sought treatment at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for cuts to his forehead and scratches on his chest and arm.

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  1. she's lucky it wasn't me... if she physically attacks me, I will a punch to her ugly face.