Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday 10km MaxHR Run

Was short for time and took every single opportunity to run and clock in some decent mileage. When time s a factor especially when you have a family, you do what you can and all you can to balance the time spent on training and time spent with family.
This morning, I ran from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) Park and it was supposed to be a 7km run up till Royal Selangor Club (RSC) and back to TTDI.
I pushed from the start at 64bpm (heart rate) and it climbed up to 164bpm by the time i touched the first 1.2km up the hill towards KLGCC (the road that runs parallel to the road up Kiara)
Sperm Loop
The HR maintained within the 90% effort as i hammered the route to KLGCC at 5:15-5:30pace. There was no letting up and my intention was to go as fast and as strong as i could. No doubt i can start to feel the saliva starting to accumulate that the lower part of my mouth and will spill out as i roll my head to the pounding of the feet on the ground.
With a lot of effort, i cleared the first 2.5km in 11minutes. That got to be the best feeling. 2.5km distance is up to the junction that turns down to RSC, or go straight towards Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC). I decided to see what is in store towards SDCC.
Instead of turning left for Sperm Loop, go STRAIGHT
What lies ahead is 300meters of uphill and 400meters of downhill until you reach the junction that joins with Sprint highway. took a breather there (count of 5) and push off back again. The 400m of uphill climb was torturous, but i ensure the pace did not dip below 7:15.
Quick check on my HRM and it shows 168bpm. Great! With a short downhill towards KLGCC entrance, it is time to pick the pace up again. 5:45 all the way.
I decided to run up Kiara Hill. A short 1.2km uphill. Decided to push as much and as strong as i could. It wasn't a pretty sight with the hyperventilating and effort being generated. Reached the top of the hill a the crossroad and noticed the HR to be coming down from 175bpm. At that stage, i was already at my 95%. WOW!
A quick breather (again to the count of 5) and i darted down the hill and back to the car at the TTDI park.
Came home, washed the HR strap and checked the watch. I managed to cover about 9.8km in 1:08. Big effort with the run as i thought it took me close to 1:30 due to the hills along the route. Elevation gain should be close to 280m over the 5km (one way route). And when i press to see my heart effort. I was shocked to see i busted the 200bpm mark at 203bpm and logged in a 110% effort.
I never realised i have my youth of 17 years old again! Tomorrow is the Brooks 21km. I have been given the blessing by wifey to run as fast as i could tomorrow. I guess she found the excuse to leave me further behind and she follow some guys with tighter ass.

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