Thursday, January 09, 2014

How To Eat An Apple Like A Man

Today's post may sound non-sensible. I mean, writing about "how to eat apple"? The idea came about when Mohan Marathon told me that if I were to eat the apple a certain way, I will be able to finish everything leaving nothing to waste.
So, what do a man travelling, with an apple in hand and obviously some time to kill do? 
Apple, as how you know it.
He Eats The Apple The Mohan Way
Mohan told me, the best way to eat an apple is not from the side, like how we all grow up to eat them. Because the middle portion will not be eaten, and hence, thrown away, creating rubbish/domestic waste. So, if you do not eat apple from the side, where do you eat them then?
Yeap, from the other two end aka the top or bottom!
As the apple I took had a stem at the top, i decided to eat from bottom up. 
Don't get any funny conclusions ok
The first task was getting over the fact I am eating apple from the non-conventional way. After the first bite and I am convinced it still taste the same.
Trying to not bike the bottom black has to happen
Chomping away, it did not really bother me after a few more bites. In fact, I made my way through half the apple with no issues.
Not too bad
Then came the middle part where the seeds were. Two-minded about to eat the seeds or spit them out, i decided to just go ahead and bite the apple seeds - after all, we do eat melon seeds and sunflower seeds, right? Apple seeds is not as bad tasting as I thought it will be when compared to lemon or orange seeds where they are usually a bit bitter.
Hello there!
So, I continue to chomp and chomp and before I know it...I went past the "psychological" seed parts...
Where's the seeds?
And what was left at the end was just the stem - which was too hard for me to chew and swallow, though I can pretend it is some capsule and do it ;-)
No wastage!
Why is it easier?
Human is creature of habits. We were taught to bite the apple from the side. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to eat it. Like Kiwi, where I even eat the (furry) skin, it is a matter of getting over the initial thoughts of eating it differently. Once that barrier was breached, it became easy.
Go on and try it, especially if you are in a location where you won't eat an apple because you have no idea where to throw the middle part. 


  1. This the first time I see someone eat the whole apple except for the tangkai. Just like someone who eats the whole fried fish head before spitting out the eyes... I still don't think I'd eat the seeds, worrying an apple tree will grow inside me *yikes!*

    1. Haha! I surprise myself sometimes. To date, 4 apples eaten...except the tangkai!

  2. Trust Mohan to lead the way. That is definitely food for thought. Agree with Deo though, the seeds aren't for me. Cheers!

  3. I thought apple seeds contain cyanide...?

  4. Some say that apple seeds can cure cancer ...