Monday, January 27, 2014

Klaus Mitchell : Completed 1000km Solo Walk In Malaysia

Remember this good looking young man I bumped into during Morib Triathlon?
Yeap, Klaus Mitchell, the brave (and crazy) man that trekked solo from Singapore to Thailand to raise fund for Homelessness back in his country (UK). If you had missed the original posting of this, do read them here.
Jan 15, 2014
Klaus successfully completed the whole journey (and what a journey it was) trodding through places I believe many Malaysians would not even know existed. He carry his provision and water on his back. Often stopping for food and water. For sleeping, he make do with anything that would cover/protect him at night. I saw that he sleep on benches, in huts and even along busstops. Luckily Malaysia is pretty safe especially on the out of town area where the locals too are friendly.
Enjoy this 2-mins video of this amazing solo walk of 1000km.

For someone that is suffering from post thrombotic syndrome, where his right leg is at risk, he sure bet the crap out of the condition. The charity he is raising fund is still open for donation. His target has shifted since as he realised his feat is not just a GBP500 effort. Since then, he has changed it to GBP2000 and it is standing at 74% completion at this point of writing

With festivities around and the year 2014 has just started, certainly it won't hurt to "give back" a bit and it is all for a good cause. Click here to share some love!

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  1. Hahaha! Go Chris P! Tech all the way!
    Great shots you made at night, Rachy! You really handling the exposure quite well! Malaysia Food