Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Save Bukit Kiara : Manslide Damaged Part of 4K Loop

Many of us has seen how the open cutting of the slope in Bukit Kiara, triggered by a small landslide that happened halfway up the tarmac, has became a full blown open-cut slope "rectification" that has been ongoing the past 2-months at least. With my very limited engineering knowledge and based on logical observation - this is accident waiting to happen.
Can be viewed all the way from Sime Darby Convention Centre
And while nothing (yet) happened at this slope, the excess soil removed from this open cut was stock-piled on the other side of the road about 20m away. And perhaps the contractor has thought they got things under controlled with the little logic they have.
What happened about 3 weeks ago goes to show how things that will go wrong, will go wrong. The stock-pile collapsed and washed the tonnes of soil down the other side of the slope, creating what I call a Manslide or Man-made landslide.
Photo from TRAKS FB clearly show how the soil were dumped! This is fixing landslide the JLN way, by creating other landslide!
This is one part of the "Park" that I guess they don't think anyone will notice. Because afterall..."WHO RUNS IN THE JUNGLE ANYWAY".

WRONG, as the most valid reasons many I know fighting to preserves Bukit Kiara trails from being destroyed and capitalised by developers is the wonderful trails that hides there. 

The Manslide has covered and destroyed an essential path of 4K loop, right after the technical downhill portion many Mountainbikers (world class included) cherish.
View to the upper section
View to the lower section
 This is how this section looked like before the Manslide
Yes, 20 to 30m of this section, wiped out!
The video below will express my view in more words than a write up will do.

So, what say you of this? Mother Nature of Human Nature?

JLN has purchased one (observed) All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and one may wonder how wise will that be. These machine will tear up the pristine trails, leaving more ruts and creating more water ponding situation that will only serve to destroy what has been in place for at least a decade.

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