Thursday, July 17, 2014

IRONMAN Training Goes Troppo

This just in. I missed out the news until I was prompted. Must be old age and over(I hope not) training for the race in less than 9 weeks time now. The Ironman ( has been featuring triathletes in their pages and this time around, my "bro" (because everyone is a bro to him, and I felt he is more than just a bro to me), Yusran was featured in the Ironman Webpage. 
Photo from Ironman Webpage
Yusran works on the middle of the sea (platform) and this poses a challenge to him and his training. In his own words : "Getting it done would mean running twice a day in 70 m circles on the helipad in 40 degree Celsius temperatures and strong winds."

It doesn't get more mental that this. But for this Ironman triathlon veteran, this is just his way of doing things. My hats off to you Bro!

Read here for the full text: Racing or not, one Malaysian IRONMAN fan can’t keep away from Langkawi Island.

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