Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Spinnervals - The Interval Spinning That Leaves You Wanting More

Bored of spinning alone and not too sure what you should do for your spinning routine? Wondering how those hours on the saddle can be improved and translated to performance and fitness level you are looking for? Read on.
Recently, a group of fitness instructors (qualified ones, mind you) started a spinning class which aim to enhance your cycling skills on pedalling, cadence, gear change and core control. Before you think this is all hi-tech-cy, let me explain that spinning is a general term to describe putting a bicycle on a bike-trainer (read about it here on bike trainer) and you literally sit on your own bike and pedal away.
sample of (my) bike trainer
The class that will be conducted by Coach Jessen Lee happens on every Thursday night between 1930hours to 2030hours (7.30pm to 8.30pm).
Jessen (in mohawk) telling you how to "axe" it.
Jessen Lee is a professional bike coach and you may most probably see him in "Zero2Hero" coaching. (ed: Jessen has left Zero2Hero and now runs his own Ride School. Click Here to see it) The session is sport specific and you will need to use your own bike and bring your own trainer. Towel is a must as you WILL be dripping from head to toe (and a very wet shoe).
For more info, email : Karen at kiakaha dot com dot my for rates and to book a place.
I will be attending their class this coming Thursday and will go prepare for some sufferfest (and review of the class later).
Stay tune and keep spinning!

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